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MAX VSAT Data Service

Can I get a private backhaul with the service (I.e. MPLS)?

Absolutely! We have many customers who elect to purchase a backhaul circuit from our teleports so that their VSAT sites are within their organizations private network. 

What kind of performance can I really expect?

ODN is unique in that it we can offer what we call the UHP advantage. This allows us to utilize cutting edge satellite technologies to ensure high quality service delivery. Ultimately all this technology means less users sharing the same bandwidth, which will improve performance. 

I’ve heard VSAT equipment is very expensive, what will this cost me?

VSAT equipment is actually quite cost effective. Our basic 1.2 Meter VSAT kit starts at $1,350 dollars.  Mobile systems are more expensive but cost vary depending and the brand and features.

Are public IP addresses available?

Yes, ODN can provide a single public IP address at no charge to any MAX subscriber that requests it. Additional IP addresses are available at a low cost. 

How much data can I transfer monthly without an overage charge?

MAX service plans scale depending on customer demand. Our MAX plans go  from 1GB monthly all the way up to 500GB monthly


Is Mesh Service available with ACCEL plans?

Absolutely! Mesh service can cut site to site latencies by 50%. In the case of ACCEL mesh can be used to create a completely point to point network between your NOC and the site to be monitored, with no traffic passing over the internet, private circuit, or teleport. All traffic flows from site to site directly! 


Can I choose my phone number?

You will not be able to pick an exact phone number, however you can select a preferred area code. 

Can I dial other extensions directly?

Yes! TACTEL is completely interoperable meaning you can select to have your extensions available as part of our dialing directory for other VSATs. 

Do I need to use your VoIP hardware?

For some of TACTEL’s more advanced features such as MESH dialing we do require you use ODN VoIP hardware. However if you elect to go without these features we can support almost any SIP protocol VoIP phone. 

How many lines can one VSAT support?

A VSAT with ODN MAX service can support nearly unlimited VoIP lines with support for up to 64 simultaneous calls. 

What do minutes cost?

All TACTEL service plans include 500 North American minutes per phone per month. After that we charge a flat rate of $29 for an additional 500 minutes. 

VISION Monitoring Service

Can I access VISION from off the VSAT network?

Absolutely! VISION is designed to be accessed from any internet connection. 

Do you have a mobile app?

VISION does not have a mobile app but is available via your web browser on mobile devices. 

What all can I monitor and be alerted of with VISION?

There are over 100 variables to monitor and alert from in VISION. Some examples are data usage, signal strength, and modem temperature. 

Can I integrate VISION with my existing monitoring solution?

Yes you can, we have a full RestAPI implementation and SNMP capabilities to allow you easy integration into your existing toolset. 

VSAT Hardware

What advantage does a larger antenna offer over a more compact antenna?

A larger antenna is less prone to have a signal fade during heavy rainstorms or solar outages, offering more availability time.  For full-time primary critical connections, a 1.8 Meter is the antenna of choice, despite the higher cost of hardware and installation.  Smaller 1.2 Meter antennas are capable of high availability as well, but at lower data rates. 

Why use mobile satellite instead of LTE on a deployment?

LTE 4G cellular data is very useful and affordable when it is in range.  However, despite the coverage maps that make 4G look ubiquitous, it is in fact not. Cell towers are mainly present in populated areas and thoroughfares. Emergency response incidents can happen anywhere and sometimes accompany a destruction of local infrastructure that connect cell towers.  On the other hand, satellite communication is independent of the terrestrial situation or location is always available if the southern sky is visible. 

VoIP Hardware

What advanced calling features can I get on the IP desk phone?

We ship the phone ready to use, and the features are tailored to your organization.  Call forwarding, intercom features, multiple lines, customized conference features & dialing directories can all be part of the menu.  These phones are designed & programmed to take full advantage of ODN’s PBX system via satellite. 

Can I integrate the satellite phone service into my existing system?

Yes! Our IP phones and ATA units will work on any Ethernet network, provided your local network has internet access and does not specifically firewall our SIP communications.  We have assisted many configurations where our satellite phone service was seamlessly integrated as a fail-over in existing office settings, both in IP & analog phone systems. 

What is the voice quality over satellite like?

The sound quality is the same as a wired connection, with the exception of a 550 millisecond delay.  Non-MESH calls to other satellite sites will have twice that delay. 

Communication Trailers

What kind of vehicle can I get a mobile antenna system installed on?

We have installed mobile VSAT systems on Trailers (big & small), Buses and SUVs.  Basically any vehicle with enough roof space can be fitted with a mobile satellite system that offers the convenience of an automated one-button deployment. Call us with your specific information for a quote. 

Can I get an existing mobile system upgraded to work with ODN’s network?

Possibly.  We are familiar with older AVL (TracStar) and C-Com iNetVu systems.  If it is one of these popular brands and is designed to work on Ku band, it may be a candidate for refurbishment and re-mobilized for use with ODNs network.  Besides a new ODN modem, it would likely require the BUC & LNB (antenna RF electronics) to be upgraded. 

What does mobile system include?

Our installations are customized for each customer, but the vehicle/trailer comm system typically includes the antenna system, a modem/router, POE switch, IP phone(s) and a WiFi hotspot.   A Site-on-wheels backhaul system typically includes a mobile antenna system and a MESH-enabled modem. 

Handheld and BGAN

Can a set of Iridium phones be configured on a private Push-To-Talk group?

Yes. If your organization needs a PTT group within a multi-phone subscription, we can set up that function for you. Additional fees apply. 

What kind of availability can I really expect from an Iridium satellite phone?

Iridium phones work via a network of low-earth-orbit satellites that constantly move through the sky and do deliver connectivity from any geographic location. However, they should be considered an outdoor device, as they do not work well from inside buildings made of metal and concrete. 

What can a BGAN terminal do?

BGAN terminals can access the internet at speeds of up to 492 Kbps & provide VoIP calls from anywhere but the North and South poles.  BGAN terminals can also perform M2M (Machine-to-Machine) connections for SCADA functions.  They must be “pointed” but the process is very simple & forgiving compared to a dish antenna. 

What are the Pros & Cons of a BGAN terminal?

Pros- A BGAN terminal is extremely easy to setup & use in the field for accessing data & voice from very remote locations.  There is an audio pointing aid available at the moment it is powered on, making the process of “finding” the satellite easy.  For industrial applications & SCADA, they are wonderfully light & easy to mount compared to a conventional VSAT antenna & will withstand any weather.  They can fit in a briefcase or a laptop computer bag. 

Cons- Due to using L-Band, (lower RF frequencies than conventional VSAT), it can only deliver data speeds of up to 492 Kbps.  The cost per Kb is also significantly higher due to it being a specialty satellite service.   Consideration must be given to the use & application of a BGAN system to avoid overage fees. 

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