VISION Monitoring Service by ODN

service overview

Capable Monitoring and Alerting Service for VSAT

VISION is ODN’s monitoring and alerting suite for all your ODN VSAT services.

Vision is provided at no cost to all customers providing you with a clear understanding of your VSAT conditions and performance.

Be alerted before a problem becomes service impacting with VISION’s built in alerting tools.


What Makes ODN VISION Service Special?


  • Available from any network.
  • Provides full site monitoring & alerting functionality.
  • Integrate into your existing OSS/BSS Suite with our API or SNMP.
  • Provided at no cost
  • Always available.
  • Track and alert based on over 100 different site variables
  • Stay updated on network maintenance, hub rolls, and weather impacts.

VISION is Included with all VSAT Services at No Charge!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access VISION from off the VSAT network?

Absolutely! VISION is designed to be accessed from any internet connection.

Do you have a mobile app?

VISION does not have a mobile app but is available via your web browser on mobile devices.

What all can I monitor and be alerted of with VISION?

There are over 100 variables to monitor and alert from in VISION. Some examples are data usage, signal strength, and modem temperature.

Can I integrate VISION with my existing monitoring solution?

Yes you can, we have a full RestAPI implementation and SNMP capabilities to allow you easy integration into your existing toolset.

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