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VSAT Hardware for Every Mission

ODN offers a range of VSAT hardware that is able to help meet your specific requirements. All hardware solutions are tested extensively by ODN to ensure they are highly reliable and can fully support ODN’s suite of services.


Fixed VSAT

1.2 Meter Fixed Antenna

1.2 Meter Ku-band molded parabolic antennas have been popular for decades. They are easy to install & reliable. They are small & versatile enough to locate in places where the options are limited, such as on roofs and industrial complexes. They are the most cost-effective solution in many cases. They can be upgraded with a de-icing system for heavy snow tolerance in northern climates.

1.8 Meter Fixed Antenna

For high-availability links, a 1.8 Meter antenna offers the performance needed for the most critical applications. They are capable of higher through-put using less transmit power. They are less susceptible to rain-fade and experience shorter solar outages. Suitable for primary tower backhaul, they can be upgraded with a de-icing system for heavy snow/ice tolerance in northern climates.

Fixed Motorized Antenna

The C-Com iNetVu Fixed Motorized Satellite Antenna system is a self-pointing auto-acquire unit that can be mounted as a permanent installation. C-Com iNetVu's fixed motorized antennas are great for sites needing automated re-pointing. Applications include earthquake zones & multi-satellite availability. Installation is similar to other fixed antennas, with the exception of motor control cabling


Mobile VSAT

AvL Technologies Mobile Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway

AvL Technologies produces mobile broadband vehicle-mounted antennas that are a standard in many industries using mission-critical VSAT communications. For Ku band applications the 1278 series 1.2 Meter is an excellent choice. ODN is an AvL dealer and will install or even reallocate some legacy Ku-band systems to work with our ODN broadband service.

Whitebird Ultra-Portable VSAT Terminal

Introducing the Whitebird Ultra-Portable VSAT Terminal; a flat-panel Ku band solution! WhiteBird includes built-in WiFi hot-spot, allowing users to access the internet & telephone services without connecting a computer. WhiteBird includes a built-in visual pointing tool; available via a smartphone app or directly on the terminal LCD display.

C-Com Satellite Systems iNetVu Mobile Driveaway

Our extensive implementation of the C-Com iNetVu series includes mobile driveaway antennas. iNetVu systems are rugged, reliable, versatile & cost-effective. Popular reflector sizes are .98 and 1.2 Meter. ODN is a C-Com iNetVu dealer and will install or even reallocate legacy Ku-band systems to work with our ODN broadband service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What advantage does a larger antenna offer over a more compact antenna?

A larger antenna is less prone to have a signal fade during heavy rain storms or solar outages, offering more availability time.  For full-time primary critical connections, a 1.8 Meter is the antenna of choice, despite the higher cost of hardware and installation.  Smaller 1.2 Meter antennas are capable of high availability as well, but at lower data rates.

Why use mobile satellite instead of LTE on a deployment?

LTE 4G cellular data is very useful and affordable when it is in range.  However despite the coverage maps that make 4G look ubiquitous, it is in fact not. Cell towers are mainly present in populated areas and thoroughfares. Emergency response incidents can happen anywhere and sometimes accompany a destruction of local infrastructure that connect cell towers.  On the other hand, satellite communication is independent of the terrestrial situation or location is always available as long as the southern sky is visible.

I've heard VSAT equipment is very expensive, what will this cost me?

VSAT equipment is actually quite cost effective. Our basic 1.2 Meter VSAT kit starts at $1,350 dollars.  Mobile systems are more expensive but cost vary depending and the brand and features.

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