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VoIP Hardware to Suit Your Application

The VoIP hardware we offer can be programmed & customized for a variety of office and field applications for any organization. We ship units ready to plug in to your ODN satellite network & make calls on our TACTEL PBX. They will come pre-programmed with an extension, phone number & any custom features agreed on to meet your organization’s needs.


VoIP Hardware

Yealink T46G IP Desk Phone

Everything you come to expect from a high end desk phone but without the price tag. The T46G provides best in class features & reliability with an easy to use graphical menu. Standard calling features (Voicemail, call waiting, etc). Compare to Polycom 550 or CIsco 7800. Advanced calling features (Hot conference, Mesh, etc).

Grandstream ATA

Allows you ultimate flexibility by providing standard telephone connectivity options. Great for use as a backup to VOIP hardware as standard telephones are easily acquired. Basic 10 digit dialing on any standard telephone. Supports up to 48 telephones (depending on model). Great reliability as primary or backup hardware.

Durafon Pro DECT Phone

This SIP based telephone hardware provides on site wireless phone capability for up to 8 users. Experience the unparalleled flexibility provides by the Durafon Pro System. Hardware supports standard calling features (Voicemail, call waiting, etc) as well as local PTT. Long range & high penetration (up to 6 floors or walls).


Frequently Asked Questions

What advanced calling features can I get on the IP desk phone?

We ship the phone ready to use, and the features are tailored to your organization.  Call forwarding, intercom features, multiple lines, customized conference features & dialing directories can all be part of the menu.  These phones are designed & programmed to take full advantage of ODN’s PBX system via satellite.

Can I integrate the satellite phone service into my existing system?

Yes! Our IP phones and ATA units will work on any Ethernet network, provided your local network has internet access and does not specifically firewall our SIP communications.  We have assisted many configurations where our satellite phone service was seamlessly integrated as a fail-over in existing office settings, both in IP & analog phone systems.

What is the voice quality over satellite like?

The sound quality is the same as a wired connection, with the exception of a 550 millisecond delay.  Non-MESH calls to other satellite sites will have twice that delay.

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