Meshed VSAT


Proven, point-to-point, low latency communication with Meshed VSAT

ODN has been implementing and operating Mesh VSAT networks since 2008, and we’re the premier provider for Mesh in North America. Mesh networking allows you extended flexibility to connect your various sites with half the latency as STAR or hub and spoke VSAT networks. ODN is proud to be an industry leader in Mesh based satellite communications.


Mesh Topologies

Mesh Diagram

Mesh allows your sites to communicate to the hub and outside networks, but your meshed sites (blue) are able to build on-demand, point to point paths, for either L3 routed or L2 bridged traffic.

Star Diagram

Traditional star/hub and spoke topology (blue) has more "hops" for communication which increases latency. These additional hops can increase your latency up to 1400ms.

Mesh VSAT networking allows some, or all, of your sites, to be able to both send and receive directly with the geosynchronous satellite. In contrast to the traditional hub based services, this means that Mesh reduces site to site latency by over 50%. 

While SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) was the traditional method for direct communication between two sites. Technologies have improved and costs decreased to allow the benefits and flexibility of Mesh networking to be the superior method.

Mesh Simple Diagram

Mesh Advantages

What does this mean for you? Bypassing the hub for traffic causes less distance needed to travel for your communications. Hub based topologies can have site-to-site latency of over 1400ms. This also means that bandwidth consumption is reduced significantly as less hops are required.  

Since mesh is not transported through shaped hub your information is extremely secure. No additional VPNs for private networks or teleport backhaul circuits are necessary. Once initial mesh hardware is installed, mesh connections are on-demand, customer defined, and seamless. 

More advantages for getting a Mesh VSAT network through ODN

  • Lowest Latency

    Our network is built to provide the lowest possible geo-stationary satellite latency of 550ms on average. About 25% faster then competing networks.

  • Top Tier Support

    At ODN we understand that waiting on hold for support requests is unacceptable. Support requests are available 24/7.

  • Flexible Architecture

    Our network engineers will work with you for whatever your communication needs. We have many years of experience of setting up satellite networks.

  • Custom Pricing Options

    With many pricing options, ODN services are offered in ways that work best for your needs and budget.

Disruptive Technology Meets Disruptive Pricing.

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