VSAT Backhaul for Land Mobile Radio Applications

solution overview

Satellite Backhaul for LMR.

ODN is the first and only VSAT provider to deliver specialized and proprietary VSAT technologies specifically tailored for Land Mobile Radio Tower Backhaul.

Our solution provides unmatched Push To Talk Acknowledgement performance, ultra-high availability, and a proprietary contention algorithm that allows for low cost LMR backhaul services via satellite.

Our LMR backhaul offering is designed to be used as the primary connection, backup connection, or on mobile site-on-wheels.


What Makes Our LMR Backhaul Solution Special?

  • Lowest Latency

    Our network is built to provide the lowest possible geo-stationary satellite latency of 550ms on average. About 10% faster then competing networks.

  • Dynamic CIR

    Our dynamic CIR algorithm improves PTT functionality via satellite and reduces time to talk by 30% vs out-of-the-box VSAT solutions.

  • Flexible Design

    LMR networks come in all shapes and sizes. ODN has numerous network architectures that can be employed to deliver LMR backhaul via satellite.

  • Cost Effective

    Service is delivered using ODN’s proprietary LMR contention algorithm. This allows us to offer low pricing for primary or backup LMR backhaul.

  • High Availability

    Our highly redundant and adaptive network allows us to provide industry leading availability included with all our solution offerings at no additonal cost.

  • MESH Architecture

    The leader in satellite MESH architecture ODN is uniquely positioned to provide this solution. Cut site to site latency by half vs our competitor.


Why Do You Need a VSAT Solution for LMR Backhaul?

  • Legacy Replacement

    In many cases LMR towers are located in remote areas. These areas are typically served with high-loss low-performance T1 circuits. It may not be cost effective to run fiber to these sites in which case VSAT can be a cost reduction option for legacy replacement.

  • Highly Available

    VSAT is a high availability connection path, in many cases exceeding 99.95% yearly. Most VSAT failures are user serviceable reducing mean time to repair vs telecom infrastructure. Most VSAT outages are short weather related outages under 5 minutes.

  • Private Network

    With a VSAT solution from ODN it becomes very easy to connect to your organizations private network. Either through traditional VSAT services or with our Mesh services we make it easy to gain access to your sensitive private network information. Continue to operate normally even after a regional telecom disruption.

  • Geographically Independent

    One of the primary advantages of VSAT is the ease of deployment. With no telecom infrastructure requirements VSAT solutions can be installed and commissioned anywhere in North America by ODN in a matter of days. VSAT equipment is extremely flexible and can be installed in almost any situation.

Let ODN help carry the weight of network design and implementation of your VSAT solution. Let’s get started

Technology Showcase

The Only Proven Meshed VSAT Network In North America.

Since 2008 ODN has operated the only Meshed VSAT network designed for critical applications. MESH offers significant advantages to critical enterprise network operators by reducing the latency and bandwidth consumption of site to site communications. Mesh also reduces the security considerations when deploying VSAT as it can be considered a private point to point network.

Site to site communications have half the latency and bandwidth requirements of traditional VSAT networks.

Mesh Advantages

  • 525ms site to site latency.
  • 50% reduction in site to site bandwidth consumption.
  • Site to site communication not fully reliant on shared VSAT teleport.
  • Highly secure P2P connectivity.
  • No need for teleport backhaul circuits or VPNs for private networks.
  • Creates highly availble interoperable network connectivity.
  • Basic mesh connectivity is available at no extra charge.

More information about ODN’s mesh technology can be found here.

Mesh Simple Diagram
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