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Communication Trailers & Sites On Wheels for mobile deployments of communications assets.

From manufacturing original, innovative mobiles to integration & modification of existing trailers, ODN has been involved creating Mobile Communications solutions since 2002.


Mobile Earth Stations, Command & Triage Trailers, Sites-On-Wheels

Mobile Earth Station, by ODN

Our original Mobile Earth Station has the benefits of portability with a standard mid-sized pickup truck, rapid easy deployment. It is equipped with a fuel efficient Cummins electrical generator & lithium battery power invertor system, offering several days of unattended remote operation. Standard features also include an AVL auto-point Ku-band satellite antenna system, an auto-leveling jack system, a shock-mounted 24U equipment rack & over 120 cubic feet of storage space. Options include a solid-state equipment cooling system and various VoIP and data functionality.

Command Centers & Triage Trailers

ODN's satellite network is installed and integrated in many larger command vehicles such as emergency management buses as well as smaller Medical Triage trailers, vans & SUVs. Our custom mobile installations have seen action in a variety of events & are typically customized to the customer's needs. Ask us about how ODN's technologies can be integrated with your existing your mobile network scheme. Our satellite network can provide a reliable data trunk either as the primary or the fail-over route, and our TACTEL phones offer a versatile VoIP route over any network.

Deployable Radio Sites, Site-On-Wheels

ODN has partnered with companies such as Pepro to provide excellent low-latency MESH radio trunking for their Sites-On-Wheels. Our satellite hardware is installed to integrate with the vehicle in a way that is consistent with the existing hardware standards. Typically, the SOW backhaul connection employs an AVL 1.2 meter auto-point antenna. Bandwidth packages are available that accommodate a various number of simultaneous Astro 25 radio channels. We strive to make our part in the radio site setup process as trouble-free as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vehicle can I get a mobile antenna system installed on?

We have installed mobile VSAT systems on Trailers (big & small), Buses and SUVs.  Basically any vehicle with enough roof space can be fitted with a mobile satellite system that offers the convenience of an automated one-button deployment. Call us with your specific information for a quote.

Can I get an existing mobile system upgraded to work with ODN's network?

Possibly.  We are familiar with older AVL (TracStar) and C-Com iNetVu systems.  If it is one of these popular brands and is designed to work on Ku band, it may be a candidate for refurbishment and re-mobilized for use with ODNs network.  Besides a new ODN modem, it would likely require the BUC & LNB (antenna RF electronics) to be upgraded.

What does mobile system include?

Our installations are customized for each customer, but the vehicle/trailer comm system typically includes the antenna system, a modem/router,  POE switch, IP phone(s) and a WiFi hotspot.   A Site-on-wheels backhaul system typically includes a mobile antenna system and a MESH-enabled modem.

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