Flexible Architecture


Flexible Architecture

ODN’s VSAT network is designed from the ground up to provide flexible connectivity solutions. Unlike competing iDirect and Gliat based host networks ODN’s UHP infrastructure allows unparalleled flexibility in network architecture.

Providing 6 different architecture options all at significantly lower acquisition and operating costs when compared with competing VSAT solutions.


Available Architectures from ODN

Star Block Diagram


STAR or hub and spoke is the workhorse of
satellite communication networks and by far the most common method of two way data communication via satellite.

•  Simple and Reliable
•  Highest Availability
•  Scales to thousands of remotes
•  Cost Effective
•  Rigid
•  Highest site to site latency

Ideal for internet access to remote sites that do not require any point to point capability.

MESH block Diagram


MESH is the same basic architecture as STAR but with a point to point component. Mesh allows customer sites to communicate with both the satellite teleport and other customer sites simultaneously. This reduces site to site latency and bandwidth consumption by up to 50 percent.

•  Lowest site to site latency
• Provides point to point Capability
•  Flexible
•  Increased hardware costs
•  More susceptible to rain fade
•  Scale limitations

SCPC Block Diagram

SCPC Return

Used as either a one way uplink solution, or as part of a higher throughput two way solutions, SCPC provides superior bandwidth efficiency. Can be designed as either a single channel (SCPC) or shared (MCPC) architecture.
Bandwidth is available either as customer owned or dynamically through ODN’s dynamic assignment system.

•  High throughput up to 100mbps
•  Highest Efficiency

• Rigid Architecture
• Scale limitations

Hubless Block Diagram


This architecture provides a low cost of entry private satellite network. If network security and ownership are important then hubless is a good option. Highly flexible with both STAR and MESH sub architectures, hubless can provide a highly capable private satellite network.

•  Very low acquisition costs
•  Fully customer owned
•  Highly secure
•  Scale limitations
•  Requires customer owned satellite carriers

Customer Hub Block Diagram


This architecture provides a fully customer owned satellite HUB. Can include MESH sub architecture if required. Our UHP hardware provides acquisition savings of over 50% vs competitor hub solutions. Highly scalable and completely private.

•  Cost effective hub solution
•  Fully customer owned
•  Highly secure
•  Flexible
•  Larger acquisition costs
•  Requires customer owned satellite carriers

Duel Gateway Block Diagram


Dual gateway allows customers to define aggregation points within an otherwise shared STAR network. Great for networks with ‘core’ locations. Provides semi point to point architecture with high scalability.

•  Highly scalable
•  Semi point to point
•  Highly secure
•  Efficient
•  Requires customer owned TDM carrier.

MAX Service Plans Starting At $119 Monthly!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a private backhaul with the service (i.e MPLS)?

Absolutely! We have many customers who elect to purchase a backhaul circuit from our teleports so that their VSAT sites are within their organizations private network.

What kind of performance can I really expect?

ODN is unique in that it we can offer what we call the UHP advantage. This allows us to utilize cutting edge satellite technologies to ensure high quality service delivery. Ultimately all this technology means less users sharing the same bandwidth, which will improve performance.

I've heard VSAT equipment is very expensive, what will this cost me?

VSAT equipment is actually quite cost effective. Our basic VSAT kits start at $1,500 dollars.

Are public IP addresses available?

Yes, ODN can provide a single public IP address at no charge to any MAX subscriber that requests it. Additional IP addresses are available at a low cost.

How much data can I transfer monthly without an overage charge?

MAX service plans scale depending on customer demand. Our MAX plans go  from 1GB monthly all the way up to 500GB monthly.

Disruptive Technology Meets Disruptive Pricing.

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