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Cost Effective VSAT SCADA Service

ODN ACCEL is built to deliver highly available low cost SCADA connectivity for critical infastructure.

Our UHP Advantage allows ODN to offer a traditional shared VSAT data service but with improved performance. With flexible data usage allotments and low contention our ACCEL service provides better real world performance when compared to competing iDirect based services.

Our simple pricing for both service and hardware makes ACCEL easy to procure and deploy.


What Makes ODN ACCEL Service Special?


Max Download Speed


Max Upload Speed






  • Low VSAT SCADA latency at 800ms.
  • Wide range of data usage allotments keeps service plan pricing low.
  • High Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Integrates seamlessly into a dual WAN 4g/VSAT hybrid solution.
  • Always available.
  • Full support for VPN.
  • Support for both IP ethernet and serial based communications.
  • Deployed as fixed antenna configurations.
  • Supports next generation phased array antenna systems.
  • Basic mesh connectivity is available at no extra charge.
  • 24 x 7 premium US based support.
  • VISION site monitoring & alerting service provided at no cost.
  • Geo-redundant teleport facilities included at no cost (99.95% availability).
EchoStar 9 Coverage

ACCEL service is available on all 50 States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

ACCEL Service Plans Starting At $39 Monthly!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a private backhaul with the service (i.e MPLS)?

Absolutely! We have many customers who elect to purchase a backhaul circuit from our teleports so that their VSAT sites are within their organizations private network.

What kind of performance can I really expect?

ODN is unique in that it we can offer what we call the UHP advantage. This allows us to utilize cutting edge satellite technologies to ensure high quality service delivery. Ultimately all this technology means less users sharing the same bandwidth, which will improve performance.

I've heard VSAT equipment is very expensive, what will this cost me?

VSAT equipment is actually quite cost effective. Our basic VSAT kits start at $1,350 dollars.

Are public IP addresses available?

Yes, ODN can provide a single public IP address at no charge to any MAX subscriber that requests it. Additional IP addresses are available at a low cost.

How much data can I transfer monthly without an overage charge?

ACCEL service plans scale depending on customer demand. Our ACCEL plans go  from 100MB monthly all the way up to 3GB monthly.

Is Mesh Service available with ACCEL plans?

Absolutely! Mesh service can cut site to site latencies by 50%. In the case of ACCEL mesh can be used to create a completely point to point network between your NOC and the site to be monitored, with no traffic passing over the internet, private circuit, or teleport. All traffic flows from site to site directly!

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