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Working with an Industry leader in VSAT hardware lets us share the advantage with you

UHP Networks is a leader in development, manufacturing, and marketing of satellite networking equipment. Core products being the universal satellite routers and advanced Network Management System. We’ve tested many equipment providers and time-and-time again, UHP comes out ahead. Below we outline a few of these areas and how these benefits affect you.


What are some of the UHP advantages ODN can provide you?

ODN Router

Exceptional Ability

UHP hardware has proven to be capable of amazing processing speeds and efficient TDA design. 

  • UHP VSAT router can process 60,000 IP packets per second (pps). 
  • UPH VSAT router can support 80 VoIP calls with header compression. 
  • UHP can support other computationally intensive tasks such as Ethernet bridging or WAN optimization and not run out of processing power.

  • Uniform frame structure. (Unlike competitors, UHP requires no dedicated sub-frames for resources requests. This allows more flexibility in slow allocation) 
  • 8 different slot sizes allow selection of optimal size.
  • High IP transmission efficiency even with small slots, due to very short headers (no preambles in TDMA bursts)

  • Very precise control and adjustment of bandwidth allocated to resource requests 
  • Station idling mechanism eliminates wasted bandwidth 
  • Fast acquisition of many stations at once. (~80-120 per seconds) This allows over 2000 remotes sharing the same TDMA carrier and having up to 20% gain over competitors in many scenarios. 
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Unparalleled Flexibility

UHP allows us adaptability to customize your network and product to your specifications 

  • UHP is DVBS2 enabled and can support Mesh on the same piece of VSAT hardware. 
  • Mesh capability is supported free of charge in the UHP hub. 
  • Hubless full mesh configuration available with UHP. Hubless mesh is deal for small private TDMA networks. 

  • UHP has a fully flexible multi-hub solution, allowing better geographical hub redundancy. 
  • One second switchover from TDMA to SCPC versus two minutes of competitors. 
  • UHP offers scheduled DAMA functionality for SCPC transmissions. 

  • UHP software license is simple and straightforward. Higher data rate or larger number of remotes makes no difference. 
  • UPH offers optional and low-cost maintenance packages and free ‘bug-fixes’
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UHP 210 Router Edit

Superior Hardware

Better engineered hardware benefits your VSAT network 

  • Low count of active electronic components ensures highest reliability 
  • UHP has the same hardware platform of HUB and Remote sites in all configurations, increasing efficiency 
  • UHP’s power consumption is 4x lower than other competitors 

  • UHP network start-up only takes 15 sec compared to 2-3 minutes of other networks 
  • UHP is 2x smaller and 3x lighter than other competitors 
  • UHP allows power-off for idle remote terminals
Disruptive Technology Meets Disruptive Pricing.

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