TACTEL VoIP Service by ODN

service overview

VoIP Designed for Critical Communications

ODN TACTEL is built to deliver a highly functional VoIP telephone solution. With a suite of features designed specifically for mission critical communications.

TACTEL is built to be network agnostic and capable of operating over any wide area internet connection. This allows your TACTEL service and more importantly, dialing information to move between connections as you do.

Incorporating many proprietary ODN solutions such as our MESH dialing and hot conference system TACTEL is uniquely suited for critical network operators.

TACTEL is provides interoperability VoIP between all TACTEL enabled VSAT locations, meaning that even if there is a significant PSTN or telephone carrier outage your TACTEL service will continue to work.


What Makes ODN ACCEL Service Special?


Concurrent Calls






  • Standard 10 Digit Dialing.
  • Customer defined area codes available.
  • Network agnostic.
  • MAX VSAT Service supports up to 64 TACTEL lines.
  • Always available.
  • Hot conference system
  • Mesh dialing support
  • Basic mesh connectivity is available at no extra charge.
  • 24 x 7 premium US based support.

TACTEL Service Plans Starting At $39 Monthly!

Technology Showcase

Mesh VoIP Dialing

ODN is the only satellite network operator in North America offering true Mesh connectivity between VSAT locations as a managed service. This technology allows our TACTEL service to achieve less than half the latency of traditional satellite VoIP offerings when talking from one VSAT to another VSAT (site to site).

Hear the Difference!

MESH Latency
Traditional VSAT Latency

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my phone number?

You will not be able to pick an exact phone number, however you can select a preferred area code.

Can I dial other extensions directly?

Absolutely! TACTEL is completely interoperable meaning you can select to have your extensions available as part of our dialing directory for other VSATs.

Do I need to use your VoIP hardware?

For some of TACTEL’s more advanced features such as MESH dialing we do require you use ODN VoIP hardware. However if you elect to go without these features we can support almost any SIP protocol VoIP phone.

How many lines can one VSAT support?

A VSAT with ODN MAX service can support nearly unlimited VoIP lines with support for up to 64 simultaneous calls.

What do minutes cost?

All TACTEL service plans include 500 North American minutes per phone per month. After that we charge a flat rate of $29 for an additional 500 minutes.

Disruptive Technology Meets Disruptive Pricing.

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