TACTEL Phone Service

TACTEL Tactical Satellite Telephone Service

Crystal clear tactical telephone service delivered over the TACTEL network with emergency management features.

ODNs TACTEL satellite VOIP network is result of years of collaboration with state law enforcement and emergency responders . Utilizing our satellite network the TACTEL service provides unmatched clarity and reliability. Our satellite systems can support upwards of 100 calls simultaneously.

  • Dialing and conferencing features are tailored to your organization.
  • All standard VOIP features such as call waiting, hold, voicemail are included.
  • All equipment is plug-and-play when shipped.
  • All ODN phone services and hardware can be used on any capable internet connection.
  • Local phone numbers provided if requested.
  • Standard 10 digit dialing, no strange satellite dialing schemes.
  • Up to 100 calls at a time. Additional calling channels require additional purchase.
  • Crystal Clear low compression voice codec utilized.
  • Real world latency of 650 milliseconds. Most users are unaware it is satellite based.
  • IP phones feature dialable directory of all other ODN phones in your organization or state.
  • Hot Conference feature allows easy emergency contact to all other offices on your Hot Conference list.

Guaranteed Availability

Unlike the competition all ODN telephone services are fully guaranteed to work regardless of our network congestion levels. Every calling channel purchased gives you a dedicated voice channel 24 / 7 / 365 at no additional cost.

Voice Hardware Selection

Echostar via ODN

Durafon Pro

This SIP based telephone hardware provides on site wireless phone capability for up to 8 users. Experience the unparalleled flexibility provides by the Durafon Pro System.

  • Standard calling features (Voicemail, call waiting, etc).
  • Supports local PTT.
  • Long range & high penetration (up to 6 floors or walls).
Yealink T46G IP phones at ODN

Yealink T46G Desk Phone

Everything you come to expect from a high end desk phone but without the price tag. The T46G provides best in class features & reliability with an easy to use graphical menu.

  • Standard calling features (Voicemail, call waiting, etc).
  • Compare to Polycom 550 or CIsco 7800.
  • Advanced calling features (Hot conference, Mesh, etc).
Grandstream ATA at ODN

Grandstream ATA

Allows you ultimate flexibility by providing standard telephone connectivity options. Great for use as a backup to VOIP hardware as standard telephones are easily acquired.

  • Basic 10 digit dialing on any standard telephone.
  • Supports up to 48 telephones (depending on model).
  • Great reliability as primary or backup hardware.
Digium at ODN

SIP PBX & Call Manager

ODN can provide customized voice solutions to transport your full voice trunk or even individual extensions back to your existing SIP PBX or Call Manager.

  • Customer telephone network provides known services.
  • Our highly agile network allows superior performance.
  • Variable committed data rates allows for future growth.

Service starting as low as $49 / month.

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