Standard Data Services

Standard Data Services

ODN can provide data via satellite across North America.  Affordable plans are available for a variety of applications including emergency management and business continuity. FirstNet ready…

The ODN satellite network has been used by public safety organizations around North America for over 10 years.  Completely isolated from terrestrial networks, the ODN  Connect system will continue to work after flooding, tornadoes, micro bursts and basic service outages. When staying connected is critical the ODN Connect system can meet your needs.

  • A long history in public safety and emergency communications gives ODN the confidence to bring solutions to the market that provide our customers with unmatched performance for the price.
  • With a small footprint, the ODN Connect system will have a non-intrusive physical impact on your operation.
  • Reliable service is paramount to the ODN Connect concept. With a 99.9% uptime promise and down-times not tied to natural disasters or other terrestrial weaknesses, ODN Connect can keep you online when it matters.
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ODN CONNECT Satellite Communication Solution

Early Preparation is Key to Your Success.

Stay Connected Always

1.2m vsat non-penetrating ODN

Get Back Online

ODN Connect provides you with robust internet access during normal outages.  With this basic access, you can also bundle our satellite phone services designed by ODN to continue working during critical outages. If VPN access is important to you ODN can maintain your VPN connection to medical records, inventory or other time critical information.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your loss of network & communication plans. We actively participate in emergency response and business continuity plans all over America and would love to include you.

ODN strives to not only sell product but to insure that we can be of assistance before, during and after a loss of network infrastructure.

Technical Specifications:

  • Typical basic installation includes: VSAT antenna w/ non-penetrating roof mount, 100ft of dual RG6 cable set, Indoor VSAT modem, 1 hour of basic VSAT technical training.
  • We use a 1.2 meter diameter antenna in the interest of reliability.
  • Modems are well constructed, professional grade made by Gilat using thier SkyEdge II system.
  • Approximatly 600ms of latency
  • Variety of data plans available with the same hardware installation.

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Call today and find out how we can best meet your communication needs.

To exercise caution during the Covid-19 outbreak, our main office location is only being staffed at occasional times.  However, we can still be contacted via our main phone number, 573-445-8101. Our technicians & engineers are still available for emergencies & essential services.