ODN Guardian

ODN Tower Guardian

Satellite-based redundant backhaul for radio tower sites.

ODN in its continued effort to provide reliable satellite based backup coverage at radio tower sites would like to introduce the ODN Tower Guardian. This suite of satellite based products and services provides operators with unparalleled reliability and cost effective backup for their tower based assets.

The Problem:

P25 tower outage

Most public safety radio networks rely solely on ground based infrastructure to provide the radio coverage required by operators. This ground based infrastructure is cost effective and for the most part quite reliable. However ground based infrastructure is prone to a host of outage scenarios that can result in a loss of availability at the tower site in question. Something as common as localized flooding can cause an outage event spanning days if not weeks.

Many public safety operators look towards cellular and LTE networks as a cost effective backup for ground based infrastructure when available. Unfortunately this can in many cases provide a negligible improvement in redundancy over a single ground-based trunk.

This lack of improvement is typically due to the cellular infrastructure relying on the same ground-based paths as the tower site in question. This can represent a common point of failure with varying degrees of severity. The distance from your tower site to the cell tower, ground line routing, and many other factors play a part in determining the reliability of cellular as a true redundant path for your radio backhaul.

In  scenario (1) a public safety tower site has experienced a flooding event. While the tower site is not physically damaged, its ground-based backhaul infrastructure is damaged. The site attempts to use its cellular backup service to restore the link but unfortunately the cell tower that is only 2 miles away has also experienced this flooding event and has no ground based infrastructure operating resulting in an outage

The Solution:

Satellite tower Backhaul via ODN VSAT

With ODN Tower Guardian we can provide a backup solution that will truly provide last mile protection. This system is fully independent from ground based infrastructure at the tower site and results in a system that will reliably operate when an outage event occurs.

A Small VSAT equipment package is placed at each tower site that is to be protected by the guardian system. This equipment provides a failover circuit so that in the event of a primary outage the system will automatically switch over to satellite for a customer-defined amount of time.

Information is routed from our fully geo-redundant teleports back to your master facilities via secure IPSEC tunnel or open internet. Latencies will be a tolerable 600-800ms depending on network and atmospheric conditions.

This system provides a high reliability link that is truly independent from any localized infrastructure outages.

Everything is automatic and designed to require little to no technician time. Equipment is low maintenance needing minimal servicing.

ODN Tower Guardian can be implemented alongside a more traditional cellular backup to provide a triple redundant option for tower backhaul. While cellular (as described earlier) has some limitations it can be a cost effective backup solution for some outage situations.

ODN Tower guardian backhaul

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Ultra low satellite latency of 550 – 800 ms.
  • Instant failover means no expensive tech time spent driving to the tower site.
  • Secure IPSEC tunnel and AES-256 encryption ensures all information is secure at all times.
  • Provides truly redundant last mile protection for tower sites
  • IP based routing scheme allows easy configuration utilizing VSAT as alternate path.
  • Route information from tower back to multiple potential locations.
  • Standard data rates of 256kbps, 512kbps. Other data rates available.
  • Pre & post paid usage pricing.

Tower Guardian service as low as $100 /month.

To exercise caution during the Covid-19 outbreak, our main office location is only being staffed at occasional times.  However, we can still be contacted via our main phone number, 573-445-8101. Our technicians & engineers are still available for emergencies & essential services.