Mobile Antenna Systems

Mobile Satellite Systems

Satellite data and voice available anywhere your trailer, truck or bus will travel.

ODN technicians are experts in the field of vehicle-mounted mobile VSAT antenna systems.  We regularly sell, install and service iNetVu and AVL mobile systems.

  • Professional, experienced installers of the most well-known brands of the industry.
  • 24-hour troubleshooting and support.
  • Easily acquire a satellite connection anywhere with a push of a button.
  • New systems can be installed on virtually any vehicle or trailer.
  • Existing C-Com or AvL systems can be restored and reprogrammed to work with ODN data & phone services, regardless of previous service provider.

Mobile Communications on Wheels

Connecting Emergency Responders and Mobile Offices Across North America

Connecting Emergency Responders Across North America

C-Com iNetVu Driveaway Mobile VSAT Antennas

“World’s most Popular One-button, Motorized, Auto-acquire VSAT System for Reliable Broadband Internet via Satellite”

  • Popular choice for emergency responders and mobile offices.
  • Excellent C-Com support and periodic upgrades, even for legacy products.
  • Very durable, low-maintenence weather resistant hardware

AvL Technologies DriveAway Mobile VSAT Antennas

“The AvL range of mobile vsat antennas are compact, rapid-deployable, self-contained antenna systems that facilitate near-instantaneous broadband satellite communications capability in most any field environment.”

  • “Military Grade”- Brand most commonly for defense applications
  • Unique AvL cable drive mechanism is very accurate and durable.
  • Light and low profile, installation possible on virtually any vehicle or trailer.

The Right Choice for Command Centers & Mobile Offices

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