Fixed Antenna Systems

Fixed Antenna Systems

Full Time, Fixed/ Rooftop Satellite Dish Packages for reliable Internet, Phone, Data, or Secure Backhaul.

ODN provides the very best in satellite hardware and installation. We offer antenna systems from Ka-band at 68cm to Ku-band systems up to 10 meters. The average size we utilize is 1.2 meter Ku-band heavy duty antenna systems.

  • Antenna sizing and model is assessed based on the application, location and bandwidth utilization.
  • De-Icing heaters available for cold weather climates.
  • A pre-installation site survey confirms that a desired location has a line of sight to the orbiting satellite.
  • Fixed installations of our most common 1.2M antenna are normally performed in a few hours
  • Electrical grounding practices and building codes are strictly observed and implimented.
  • At radio towers, we will always comply with the sites protocol regarding wiring egress points and lightening protection.

Always On.

Fixed VSAT installations can include a variety of reflector sizes on ground pole mounts, non-penetrating roof mounts, and custom mounting solutions. We can help you decide which installation is most effective for your location.

The right antenna for the application…

ODN 1.2m Ku-band peaked roof mount

1.2 Meter Ku band with 4 watt transmitter.

The 1.2 meter Skyware Type 123 Ku band antenna is our reliable “go-to” for many standard VSAT applications.  Typically we fit it with a 4 watt transmitter.  Initially it is installed, pointed and fine-tuned to exceed the necessary signal quality of its intended purpose.

  • Variety of mounting possibilities including flat roof, peaked roof, and ground pole.
  • Proven performance.
Satellite Astro25 Backhaul Hennepin County Sheriff Batwing

..Ranging to the Virtually Indestructable..

Many of our installations require a means that is well above average.  Military grade durability, more accurate focus, more bandwidth and anti-ice heating for year-round critical communications.

  • Relable mesh hubs require a larger antenna with pin point accuracy…
  • Rugged design an de-icing capabilty is essential for critical applications in winter weather.
ODN Hub Illinois State Police

Motorized 3.8 meter

For hub sites needing automatic re-pointing for earthquake recovery, or applications requiring options for multiple satellites, 3.8 meter antennas come in a motorized variety.

  • Automatic de-icing option available
  • Great option for un-staffed hub sites
C-band antenna ODN

A legacy of satellite implementation

The management at ODN has been implementing satellite technology since 1980.. Their perspective of what constitutes a reliable satellite link is not limited to the consumer-grade markets of recent years.

  • Engineers on staff understand the benifits and limitations of a wide variety of satellite communications.
  • Experience in a wide range of SATCOM applications in challenging environments.

Connecting Critical Communications

We use the right tools for the job

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