Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Not everyone needs a cookie cutter plan

ODN has always brought innovation to the table. We have striven to provide solutions that are as unique as the customer’s needs.

If you don’t see an existing plan that suits your requirements, lets talk. We listen.


State of Louisianna Emergency Satellite Network: After Hurricane Katrina, many of the 700 and 800 MHz radio tower locations in the path of the storm were only able to operate in a local mode; as the T1 interconnections provided by Bell South were destroyed. This also resulted in various affected parishes loosing data connectivity with the main servers located at DPS headquarters in Baton Rouge as their T1’s and power failed. We offered our Emergency Satellite Backup Program, which involved several novel approaches to this problem that took in account the environmental challenges involved. That network is currently still operational..

ON NASA SCADA radiation monitoring

Prior to the 2011 NASA launch of Mars Rover Curiosity, 30 ODN sites were placed around the Kennedy Space Flight grounds and central Florida. ODNs mission was to establish a radiation detection network using satelite real time monitoring to protect the public in case something went wrong on launch. Plutonium is a great power supply for such a large spacecraft… but not a substance that can be released into the atmosphere for any reason.


“Orbital Data Network’s satellite system has been the backbone for the the transport of the Missouri Department of Transportation’s (MoDOT) Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) packet radio system. While working with Greg Hefner of ODN, MoDOT discovered alternate methods of transporting VOIP. ODN has always put the customer first and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the user has a functionally reliable system Other vendors tried to shoehorn our challenge into their pre-package solution, ODN on the other hand was willing to make adjustments to their network to accommodate MoDOT’s needs. We would, and have recommended ODN as a solution provider to anyone looking for a non-terrestrial transported system.” – John Diggs, Missouri Department of Transportation

ODN ION Instant ON mobile satellite data system

Custom hardware; ION System and the T1 Link Protector

The ODN Instant On (ION) tactical telecom unit is designed for rapid deployment with a minimum of training: non-technical personnel can set up the ION in just minutes.

The ODN T1 Link Protector system is provisioned at each remote location of a network and monitors a T1 line from both ends. If either end fails, the system reacts and within 4 seconds & automatically establishes a satellite channel directly from one end point to the other and re-establishes the connectivity.

  • Encrypted connectivity
  • ATA (up to 12 phone lines) and WiFi included (ION tactical unit)
  • Supports cellular and Land Mobile Radio backhaul
  • Versions for use with fly-away antennas, or integrated mobile vehicle systems.
  • Transparent Mesh transmission for low latency
ODN Drone quadcopter tower inspection

Electric Eagle – Pro Aerial Photography and Live Satellite Streaming

Using ODN’s assets, we can stream drone video from virtually anywhere live. Our innovative uplink trucks and trailers can provide high bandwidths anywhere you need it. Couple that to state-of-the-art drones and you have a video package that is unbeatable.

Our primary pilot has over 6000 hours in full size twin engine and aerobatic aircraft, along with being a accomplished commercial photographer.

We hold a Part 107 permit. 



Electric Eagle..More Info + Videos


“The ODN mesh system makes deployment of our Satellite Connected Communications Site on Wheels (SATCOW) easy, quick and affordable compared to other temporary backhaul methods. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office SATCOW is an integral part of the State of Minnesota’s Strategic Technology Reserve and has been deployed to major incidents throughout the nation” – Roger Laurence, Radio Communications Manager for Hennepin County, Minnesota.

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