Comm Trailers

Comm Trailers

Tailoring communication trailers for emergency response and mobile office applications since 2007.

ODN has been building communication trailers for insurance companies, hospital associations and various emergency response agencies since 2007.  They feature customized interior, cabinetry and ODN’s mobile satellite data and phone system.  Efficient work space and rapid communications deploy-ability is our goal.

  • All designs include a mobile motorized satellite antenna system for accessing ODN’s data and phone network.
  • Custom designed, fitted cabinetry and tabletops.
  • Typically finished in a whiteboard interior for dry-erase notes on the fly.
  • Network typically includes ethernet router, ATA or IP phones and outdoor WIFI
  • Radios and RF antennas installed as per customer requirements
  • Optional AC Inverter/battery power supply system for hours of generator-free operation.
  • Optional solar panels, for outdoor storage and battery charging without shore power.
  • See our Standard or TACTEL phone service plans for more info about telephone options
  • Our designs can retrofit large trailers, compact trailers or buses.

You'll be glad you brought it....

Emergency response incidents requiring a remote communications base are no joke.  You may be there a day, a week, or..?  We know that a comfortable, efficient work space and reliable systems are must.

Customized considerations..

ODN Command Trailer Interior MU Hospital solar powered. Satellite Communication Trailer

Compact, clean & efficient interiors.

ODN Satellite Communication Trailer Interior

Custom interiors for different spaces of different priorities:  Overall square footage, headroom, number of work stations, access to power, phone & ethernet, placement lighting, purpose of cabinetry are often all variables taken into consideration.

Proven in duty.

Missouri Hospital Association MCI comm trailer ODN VSAT


Many of our completed trailers have seen action other than drills at some point. They have served as communication bases in the aftermath of tornadoes, train derailments and aviation accidents.  ODN is available to its customers for technical assistance any time of day when our customers need it most.


Anywhere With an Open Sky…

ODN Uplink van with mobile VSAT AVL


Our trailer construction and retrofit projects all have one thing in common: Access to the ODN satellite data and phone network.  Our data plans are also tailored to your needs in different levels of up/down Mbps speeds.  Data source can also be combined with an LTE cellular system for ultimate reliability. Our on-board phone system is flexible, offering local standard 10-digit phone numbers and additional lines available on demand.

Retrofit into what you already have..

Kansas City Regional Command ODN VSAT

Many of the ODN systems reside on vehicles that were already an existing asset to the customer.  After being upgraded with satellite data access, ODN became a major part of their communication means.

ODN MODOT MEROC Satellite communication emergency response

We can build your remote communications solution.

Call on us to tailor your next remote office or command center.

To exercise caution during the Covid-19 outbreak, our main office location is only being staffed at occasional times.  However, we can still be contacted via our main phone number, 573-445-8101. Our technicians & engineers are still available for emergencies & essential services.