Our Team

Each team member at ODN has an average of over 10 years in the satellite industry. Many of them have been at ODN since it's start. As a mid western company, our organization has the capability of providing calm support under extreme circumstances. We bond with our customers so they know when the wind blows and the ground shakes that they can depend on us.

Gregory F. Heifner, Principal and Founder

Mr. Heifner is a leading expert in the areas of satellite programming and new technologies. Mr. Heifner was educated at the University of Missouri, in the College of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

From 1968 to 1980, he was Producer/Director of media services for the University of Missouri, where he produced educational media in various formats including, film, video and audio production.

From 1980 to 1983 he owned Image Technologies, one of the leading companies utilizing computers and audiovisual equipment to produce highly motivating media experiences for Fortune 500 companies.

From 1981–1997, he was the President of Heifner Communications, Inc. in Columbia, MO. The company was a leading engineering firm and supplier of satellite programming to the Private Cable industry. He was responsible for the development of several new technologies for the satellite/cable industry. As a Charter Board member of the Independent Cable & Telecommunications Association, Washington DC (1996), and led the DBS task force, charged with negotiating with the primary high-powered satellite providers for signal resources. He became the driving force behind the introduction of services like DirecTV and Dish to the MDU market.

From 1997–1998, he was President of WSNet, Programming and Technology, of Columbia, MO. WSNet was the leading supplier of satellite programming to the Private Cable and Wireless Cable industry. Mr. Heifner took the company to gross sales of over $45 million annually. He retired from that company in 2000.

Mr. Heifner is now the Founder and CEO of Orbital Data Net, Inc. Specializing in two way satellite technologies, Orbital Data Net, Inc. (ODN) is a privately held corporation concentrating solely on mobile and fixed remote satellite based communications solutions for government, commercial, and individual corporate customers operating beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial “land line” communications. ODN also provides communication support to agencies and companies around North America for disaster recovery operations.

In summary, Mr. Heifner:

  • Is a recognized industry leader in the area of satellite communications
  • Is the previous owner and founder of the world’s largest satellite programming provider to the wireless and private cable market
  • Is a noted engineer in the area of satellite communications
  • Is a consultant for national and international equipment providers
  • Has developed engineering training programs for over 400 commercial satellite/cable dealers and property owners.
  • Was a winner in 1994 of the United States Chamber of Commerce “BlueChip Award” for innovation in the telecommunications field
  • Is listed in “Who’s Who, In Leading American Executives”
  • Multi-engine instrument pilot rated in numerous aircraft types
  • Is a rated dive master and underwater photographer
  • Level 2 certified experimental rocket designer