About Us

Our organization was formed to provide the best possible solutions via satellite for the military, state and corporate clients. We have deployed our satellite network with the major agencies in the States of Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois and Minnesota, as well as several elements of SEMA and FEMA. Our network has been proven during hurricanes, floods, ice storms and large scale power outages. Many medical emergency responders and large corporations use our technology for primary remote connectivity, as well as emergency backup. Our crew travels to all corners of the country to provide custom satellite based solutions, for all types of connectivity needs.

Based on the core business, Heifner Communications founded in 1980, ODN has been in satellite networking for 32 years.

We have constructed and now operate one of the most successful, privately held, emergency communication networks via satellite that exists today.

We are trained to support and distribute/warranty the following different technologies:

  • VSAT satellite networking with specialty in streaming and back haul trunking
  • Transparent meshing
  • Interfacing Motorola Astro25 ™ and Raytheon ACU radio bridges to satellite
  • DBS and Cable broadband distribution
  • SLE VPN Encryption Technology
  • Auto Acquisition VSAT systems
  • Wireless, 802.11, meshed and P2P, WiMAX
  • Microwave and free space optical networks
  • Low Earth Orbiting networks (Iridium)
  • BGAN’s

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Why are we different?

As ODN, Inc. operates multiple satellite backbones, we will be glad to offer any of our combined services. ODN, Inc. will be glad to provide pricing on any combination of our satellite networks that will service a broad array of customers.

  • As Certified Trainers, ODN, Inc. staff can certify customers in the initial installation and service of any of our satellite technologies.
  • Understanding of the Satellite Industry; Just do a Google search on us. We have broken a lot of new ground in technology for the first time in the industry. We also solve problems before they happen, so that when customers join our network, it is a simple plug in process.
  • Our training will enable an average technician to set up the satellite connection within a few minutes. The technology and billing system has been organized to provide the service levels you need for SCADA data mining, to full restoration of Land Mobile Radio trunking systems
  • We anticipate technology and as a result, we can steer our customers into the proper technology with an open eye to what is coming around the corner. We specialize in satellite and have been doing it for over 28 years. We operate as a multiple teleport and technology shop. We design satellite circuits based on the support technology that is available at a partnered teleport, which will support a particular mission. All satellite networks are not created equal. Some are up to the task of emergency management and robust remote communications, some are not.
  • ODN, Inc. has a team of clever engineers that fabricate very novel equipment for various uses. If it isn’t available we will design it, build it, then install and maintain it. Our line of quick response extreme duty SatCom Trailers is an example of this. While a major telephone carrier had over a dozen SatCom trailer units available during Katrina, they were too cumbersome to deploy in the floods. Our SatCom units can be airlifted into a situation and set up by non-technical staff. They are flexible enough to cover almost any mission needing connectivity. Many are now deployed on the Gulf Coast.

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The “Proof is in the pudding”

ODN, Inc. provided services during hurricane Katrina to a number of contractors both in the roofing business as well as the electric power companies. Our services got electrical utilities restored and rapid approvals from insurance carriers for the blue tarping of roofs. We also provide voice, internet and video services to oil contractors and resorts in very remote regions. Our products and networks provide emergency backup for banking and medical facilities.

During hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety retained radio communications in parish’s that have never had communications after a storm before as a result of our satellite network. Just one of our 700 MHz Astro tower trailers took 400,000 emergency calls in the first few hours of Hurricane Gustav.

Same held true in Missouri after a tornado damaged the city of Joplin Missouri, the ODN network was the primary communications response that was depended on by all responders.

ODN, Inc. offers these specific advantages over our competition:/P>

  • Ubiquitous coverage, we install/support VSAT systems everywhere.
  • Unparalleled customer support from a single point of contact.
  • Specialized networks designed for radio traffic. (RoIP)
  • The only transparent MESH network using standard commercial satellites
  • Static IP addresses, dynamic or both, your choice.
  • SCADA and data mining equipment with matching bandwidth packages.
  • Customized equipment sets for special uses.
  • ODN STAC Phone Network, mission critical telephony
  • Bulk contracts, we can integrate the billing for all your sites.
  • Credit card, company check, bank transfer or even Paypal payments accepted.
  • VPN support utilizing SLE and Cisco VPN-a technology.
  • 12 month minimum contract length.
  • Managed service packages including scheduled training.
  • Training; ODN, Inc. has trained staff that can assist in the overall design of a network, installation as well as continued operation.