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 “Connecting Critical Communications”

Our organization was formed to provide the best possible solutions via satellite for military, state and corporate clients. Our network has been proven during hurricanes, floods, ice storms and large scale power outages. Many emergency response agencies and corporations use our technology for primary remote connectivity, as well as emergency backup. Our crew travels to all corners of the country to provide custom satellite based solutions, for all types of connectivity needs.

  • Automatic tower site backhaul failover to satellite and/or LTE
  • Transparently meshed Ku-band satellite network specifically designed for radio and telephone backhauls.
  • On demand reserved satellite access
  • Emergency Backup and Tactical Telephone Network
  • Communication Trailers and Command Vehicles
  • BGAN portable units.
  • Hand held Push-To-Talk (PTT) Satellite Phones
  • FirstNet LTE backhaul and network expansion
  • Full Support and Training Provided On All of Our Products and Services


Our predecessor company, Heifner Communications had been a successful pioneer in the Satellite communications field since 1980.

Then in 2001, as a direct response to the 9/11 tragedy, Orbital Data Network (ODN, Inc.) was formed . The Heifner team realized they had the capacity and know how to solve some critical problems with communications during natural or man-made disasters using communication satellites. The new company, ODN, was created specifically to address the weakness’s in terrestrial bound communications. Since that time, our team has solved problems for public safety & emergency management agencies across North America, as well as oil companies and even NASA.

We started with an analysis of what fails in modern digital communication systems during a disaster. Our development focused on the commonly used Motorola Astro 25 digital radio networks. Every tower site in a state wide network requires a data backhaul from the tower site back to the NOC. This extends the towers range further than line of sight or around radio opaque obstacles, like mountains. In many cases this is a telephone line such as a T1 circuit. When these circuits fail, the tower can only operate in a “local’ mode until the telephone company effects repairs. ODN developed a satellite bandwidth pool and hardware system that provides a replacement for this broken land line. Within seconds, a tower that is protected with our technology can sustain an interruption and go back on line thru our low latency satellite connection.

Our first client was the State of Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. ODN won an open RFP for our novel approach to restoring these networks when damaged. During hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety retained radio communications in parish’s that had never before had communications after a storm as a result of our satellite network. Just one of our 700 MHz Astro tower trailers took 400,000 emergency calls in the first few hours of Hurricane Gustav. The same held true in Missouri after a tornado damaged the city of Joplin Missouri; the ODN network was the primary communications backup that was depended on by all emergency responders.

Since then we have expanded our scope of products to provide excellent emergency telephone and data services, mobile command centers and communication trailers for businesses and agencies alike.

ODN Missouri Hospital Association MCI satellite communication trailers

Missouri Hospital Association

Hennepin County Command VSAT ODN Astro25 Backhaul

Hennepin County Sheriff

ON NASA SCADA radiation monitoring

NASA radiation monitoring via KA band satellite SCADA

Louisianna hurricane damage ODN

Hurricane Gustav, 2008

Connecting Critical Communications


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