Mobile Earth Station

The Most Practical Tactical Comm Trailer…

Common, real-world emergency situations require ease of transportation, quick & easy power, fast comm deployment, useful storage and industrial-grade durability.

Our advanced Mobile Earth Station (MES) was designed using information we gathered from our operators over the years as well as our experience with building mobile platforms.  As a result, the MES addresses many of the common issues with deployment.

  • FirstNet Ready
  • 1 meter to 1.8meter auto-pointing satellite antenna system (Options available)
  • Automatic leveling jacks activate at the push of a button, establishing a sturdy, level base for a solid satellite connection.
  • On-board quiet Cummins generator in an easy-to-access service bay.
  • Easy-to-operate, yet versital power inverter system incorperating a 200Ah LiPo battery.
  • Unique combination of battery, auto-start generater and inverter allows for up to 12 hours of silent use without consuming fuel.
  • Environmentally controlled 19″ equipment racks, with spare space for additional equipment installations.
  • Large, LED-lit storage cabin with easy access from either side.
  • 10-Ply truck tires, all-steel frame an small footprint make it a work horse for any environment.
  • Basic body design accommodates additions and modifications, such as RF antennas.
  • Dual WAN cellular data failover option available

Set It & Forget It Functionality

With smart power management, this unit can provide you with days of unattended operation.  Field operators can now focus on the mission instead of the tools.

Power, Communications & Storage All In One

ODN Mobile Earth Station MES
ODN Mobile Earth Station MES

Fully Enclosed Communication Package That is Field Ready

The ODN MES is built from the ground up to be a self contained communications package with no reliance on any other assets. Years of experience in designing and deploying communications vehicles has prepaired ODN to create the MES with no corners cut.

ODN Mobile Earth Station Front

The Features of ODN MES

The Mobile Earth Station provides redundant power and communication uplink whenever and wherever it is needed.  MES comes fully outfitted with the ODN suite of technologies required for seamless operation anywhere. Rest assured you won’t need to buy pricey upgrade to get a fully realized product.  MES ships with all the necessary systems!

  • Each MES is built to order. This allows ODN to provide basic customization options at no additional charge to the customer.
  • Designed not only for ease of use, but ease of maintenance. Doors access not only controls, but allow for access behind electronics.
  • Shockmounted 24U racks and waterproof egress for cable entry.
ODN Mobile Earth Station Power Panel

Full Featured Power System

The power management system comes with a balance of features and ease of use.  An electrical engineer would appreciate the advanced battery monitoring, expandable breaker panels, & analog metering for AC/DC functions.  However we realize that the field operator (usually not an electrical engineer) only needs to make it work in as few steps as possible.   That is why we designed it the way we did.   Upon arrival, 3 switches will enable the AC power and arm the backup generator.   The system we be powered silently, from the Lithium battery, until the battery needs charged.  The generator will turn on by itself when charging needs to happen.  You may need to change out an LP fuel tank if you are on-site more than a day.  Thats it.  Turn it off when its time to tow it away.

ODN Mobile Earth Station MES
ODN Mobile Earth Station Generator Compartment Cummins

With a normal load of phone and data equipment this system will work for many hours silently, before the generator automatically kicks on, allowing for unattended operation.

  • One button leveling jack activation.
  • One button satellite antenna deployment and network acquisition
  • 2-tank LP fuel system allows generator to be easily re-fueled while it is running.

Heavy on Features, Light on Maintenance

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To exercise caution during the Covid-19 outbreak, our main office location is only being staffed at occasional times.  However, we can still be contacted via our main phone number, 573-445-8101. Our technicians & engineers are still available for emergencies & essential services.